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Aug 21, 2017

Poetry: "Cross the cosmos, to me"

I truly have little to no talent when it comes to titling my poetry pieces, OK. Because I write poems based on whimsical muses or little concepts or just a vague imagery in my mind - there is no title in my head at any point of the writing process.

So I'm going to stop pretending that I can give brilliant titles to my poems and just go with these half-assed, pretentious ones.

That said, here is a result of me daydreaming a bit too hard about my favourite topic to romanticise - the universe.


Come to me at twilight -
we’ll chase after the moon,
following the winds
to outrun darkness bestrewn

Come to me at midnight -
we’ll drift among the stars,
searching the cosmos
for answers to lost prayers

Come to me at first light –
we’ll stand before the sun,
beholding the birth
of new hopes and creation

Come to me – be it
in sunlight or moonlight
in starlight or half light
Come, and stay the night

We’ll unravel the universe

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