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May 23, 2017

Poetry: "Downfall"

I was thinking way too much about angsty fictional characters.

Or rather, I was going through my Star Wars tag on tumblr and generally tearing myself up over Obi-Wan and Anakin and thinking about that aptly heart-wrenching line "... he knew that to strike Anakin down would burn his own heart to ash" (I still haven't read Matthew Stover's novelisation of "Revenge of the Sith" but the quotes are everywhere on tumblah and istg i just -) and here I am. 
Presenting a poem that ultimately has nothing to do with Star Wars and/or ObiKin but it does if you squint at it from a little bit to the left in just the right light and OK I'mma stop now.


Love, they said
is the greatest flaw;
And love, they warned
will be my fall

‘Cause love, you see
love will betray
For love is human
and humans destroy

So I ran from love
‘til I tripped over you
And even as I fell
in my heart I knew

That you were my flaw
and you were my fall
You’d burn my world
‘cause you, you I loved

I can also blame this entire poem on a number of SW/ObiKin meta I've read on tumblah. Most of my angst seems to stem from those lately smh

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