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Feb 26, 2017

Poetry: "On days when it rains..."

I'm so upset that I don't get ABC 'cause I can't watch the Oscars live and they don't stream it in my area! I read online that HBO streams it across Asia and I was so happy and got up at dawn today - DAWN - but it turns out that the HBO Maldives gets is the cheap fake one which doesn't stream the Oscars. Either that or all the articles I read lied to me. 

I'm so pissed so have this depressing poem. 


The heavens, why do they weep?

Do they weep for the earth;
For its lands, burnt
And its rivers, red?

Do they weep for the sea;
For its waters, murky
And its lives, hunted?

Do they weep for the stars;
For their light, barred
And their beauty, checked?

Or the heavens, do they weep
For the soft human heart
Hardened by greed.

Written on 19/02/2017

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