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Oct 5, 2016

Poetry: "Dear Teachers, beloved"

Written off the top of my head for a cousin, who requested some waxing poetic for World Teachers' Day. I want to document it since I'm quite proud of it, considering I belted this out in like five minutes.


For the knowledge you've imparted
And the wisdom you've bestowed
For the lost souls you've guided
And the deep faith you've instilled

For the long hours you've forfeited
And the silent tears you've concealed
For the smiles you've put on children
And the dreams you've helped conceive

All the gratitude and all the love
Of this world are never enough
To appreciate you, teachers beloved
For the bright futures you've carved

I miss teaching, to be honest.

Though it was always my second choice, and I'm closer to my first choice now, I miss the wonder on students' faces when I'm able to impart a piece of knowledge previously unknown to them, their awe when they draw their own conclusions and understand things that baffled them before, and seeing their smiles and laughing with them and those priceless moments when they tell me they love me. 

I'll always, always miss them and nothing can take away those good times and memories and what it taught me. 

(I'd still be a teacher, working at that same school I so fell in love with when I went there for my final practicum, if I could. I absolutely adored those students and most of my colleagues were amazing. If things hadn't gone downhill due to reasons I don't want to talk about, I would still be there making new memories and learning new things about people, especially youngsters, that I couldn't in any other way.

I quit that job due to an amount of stress I couldn't handle, when I started crying everyday after I came home, when I woke up with an incessant headache and went to sleep with an incessant headache that didn't go away for three months, when everything finally began to border on a disorder - that's when I quit. It took me over a month - nearly two - of resting and doing nothing to heal, and I can't say I regret my choice. 

But I will always miss the better days, the teaching experience itself (because that had nothing to do with my problems; the stress was caused by something else entirely), and my brats.)

Salute to the teachers - not those half-assing their jobs but the true ones giving it their all - who dedicate their lives all day everyday for the education and upbringing of children. It's a job unlike any other, one that consumes you whole even off the school premises, and they certainly need all the love, appreciation and, yes, even financial remuneration, for all they do. No one else can ever understand the life of a teacher.