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Aug 3, 2016

Space Cadet adventures

I want to come back to blogging. I'm sure I have many a pointless issue to rant about, but for now let me put a life lesson here:

Don't be a space cadet.

I was born a space cadet. Ask my dad and he will tell you a thousand tales of how I space out while he's giving me a ride to here and there, and the many realities that pass me by without my noticing because my head owns permanent residency in the clouds and I like it that way.

But don't be the space cadet that forgets to add the egg to her brownie dough because she was too distracted talking to her mother, because an incomplete brownie is a sad brownie.

Also don't be the space cadet that doesn't notice the blatant I-have-gone-bad-don't-eat-me smell her red rice is giving off and chows down an entire plate of rotting rice and still doesn't notice even when the nausea hits.

Because I, being the innate space cadet that I am, did both of that in the space of three hours or less today and it was not nice.

Space cadets, I stand in solidarity with you all. I know what it is like to have your thoughts and fantasies always ruling your mind, which is just lovely. Until it's not. So, be careful. It doesn't hurt to be a little more aware of the world around us, fugly though it can be sometimes.


  1. *salutes back*

    (Aaaaah, I really want to tempt you to crosspost to dreamwidth too. I wasn't able to do much in 2016, but I have started 2017 with a daily blogging thing again, to ground myself with day to day reality. *cough* DW has a homepage with feeds for that special sense of community, Arvy! & you can have public/private/etc posts on the same journal, Arvy! *cough* ^_~ )

    1. Ugh, stop trying to tempt me. I know how DW works XD I'm on LJ and they're both quite similar. I know about the homepage feeds and stuff, and without a doubt, a DW would be convenient for blogging than this, but ... XD I'm kinda fond of this blogger now and I kinda don't wanna abandon it, but I also am hesitant to create ANOTHER blog again, like damn girl, I'm already on SO MANY SITES xD

    2. But I need to remind you of the things or I won't have anything to tempt you with! Also, THIS IS IS WHY YOU CAN CROSS-POST. Don't abandon blogger, but after you post it here, you can just cross post it there, easy peasey ...& I can stalk you easier & actually get notifications instead of checking blogs at random (like this, and commenting years later). The rest of the Flailboat co (references your blogger sidebar) is on dw now too, btw! *cough* /tries not to appear so obviously self-gain-motivated *cough*