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Nov 7, 2015

Poetry: "Demons"

The only thing holding you back from change ... is yourself. You are your own demon...


What if I told you
The only demon you face
Is the fear you embrace
Within your heart that
Keeps holding you back

What if I told you
The only enemy by far
Is the dread you harbour
Running inside your veins
That binds you in chains

What if I told you
The only prison to exist
Is the terror you build
Within your own mind
That leaves you blind

What if I told you
The only monster that be
Is the one you always see
Looking right back at ya
In your dull cracked mirror


  1. This resounds a lot with me, because I've been living alone for half an year, with extremely minimal socialising, and most of the time it's just been me/my demons. We've gotten to know each other very well & we've come to develop a sort of camaraderie, despite our conflicts.

    1. I think understanding one's own demons is the greatest step to overcoming them. And I don't necessarily think having demons is a bad thing, either; often, they can be the boost one needs to Do The Thing they're scared of etc.
      I'm proud of you, being so independent and managing that lifestyle, love ♥ You'll be just fine, In Sha Allah