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Sep 21, 2015

Poetry: "Of death and dreams"

Inspired by the world today ... war and death ...


I dream of worlds
Beyond; a heaven
Where hopes and dreams
Are yet unbroken

I dream of people
Who glow and smile
With bliss and joy
That’s still alive

I dream of times
So long gone by
Where stars adorned
The great night sky

But then I wake
To fire and blood
And dream of death
With eyes open


  1. What was that quote, hope is the dream of a waking man? I wonder why the eyes open/closed metaphor always goes so well with despair and hope? The harshness of reality, I suppose? Hmm.

    /random nau is random

    1. What came to mind was "Hope is a dream that never sleeps" and then I realised it's the name of an OST Kyuhyun of SuJu sang and I'm sorry I'm garbage

    2. (I am amused at how this comment thread will now span three years.)

      That is a wonderfully contradictory line. I'll have to check it out. I do like Kyuhyun's voice, so.

      Also, never apologise for being fandom trash. #TrashPride

    3. (It totally follows my so-called blogging style, so it's perfect really XD)

      Ugh, when I saw the string of comments I suddenly got on my recent - well, ok, not recent, but latest - posts, I knew it could only be you, Nao XD)

      And yes, please do check out that song, it's absolutely lovely ♥