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Sep 1, 2015

Poetry: "Obsession"

I was inspired by fanfics stories I recently read, which depicted human nature when it comes to unhealthy obsessions. I, of course, saw the opportunity to angst.


For you, I would have
Broken all my layers
Bared all my nature
Had you but only looked

For you, I would have
Saved every breath
Spilled every secret
Had you but only listened

For you, I would have 
Brought down the stars
Burned down Arcadia
Had you but only asked

For you, I would still
Wait upon this brink
Wane into this void
You need not even care


  1. Eeee. Obsessions. I want to defend them because I'm surely hooked on to some, but it's a scary stance to even take.

    The last line of the last verse sums up exactly why obsessions are what they are, so well, I think. They're purely one sided, unreciprocated.

    1. Obsessions, even those you think are good, are unhealthy when you can't let go. I've experienced that and I'm sure I don't want to go back to that.

      Funny how topics like these are what capture my imagination and get the words flowing.