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Sep 7, 2015

Poetry: "In a different universe..."

Inspired by the Multiverse theory: possibility of (in)finite parallel universes overlapping, where our lives are completely different in each one.


In a different universe
Our eyes meet just once
On a busy road; a mere glance
And brushing past each other
We morph again to strangers

In a different universe
Our words clash and blend
Strewn with laughter and lament
And our eyes gleaming with trust
Bespeak our friendship steadfast

In a different universe
Our voices are a wild cacophony
As we tremble with fiery enmity
And the ugly snarls on our faces
Hint at our mutual abhorrence

In a different universe
Our fingers lace together
While our hearts are a-flutter
And our smiles mark the coming
Of a “happy ever after” beginning

In at least one universe
Our stars are aligned to finally
Shape us as we were meant to be
And so, let’s make peace with that
Though this universe has us betrayed

BONUS: a verse I chose to omit from the final poem.

In a different universe
Our very existences to each other
Remain unknown; a veiled frontier
And the vast ocean separating us
Parts us no more than our ignorance


  1. Ooh, I like this. *_* Multiverse theory ftw~

    1. So many possibilities~
      /drowns in an ocean of m drool/

  2. I'll just lie here, crying, because alternate universes are my kryptonite and I have multiple otp feels all at once from this.

    1. You understaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand D': /clings/
      You know what's the real kryptonite to you and me and basically every fangirl? OTPs. The true kryptonite.