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Jun 3, 2013

I can't think of an appropriate title

Because how do you spell 

I got my exam results and KAPOW~ HDs in all subjects including Islamic Eiquette and I also passed my 2nd TP. Miraculous, really, because this is that one semester where I actually did not put in much effort to study and memorise everything ever taught. 
After all this time, my first HD in Bio after spending max 2 hours to study for an exam. Makes sense.

I'm super happy, though. What with an additional fandom creeping into my load - my weakness for crazy adorkable older men knows no bounds - my Uni studies took a backseat for quite a while XD

That said, remember that time last year when I sobbed over my lost chance to go to Japan and how my dad tried to console me that my chance will come again? Turns out My Dad Is Always Right. I'm so happy, alhamdulillah!

Jenesys Cultural Exchange Programme to Japan, here I come~! There was another Arvy-fail moment where I saw the notice only on the last day, just four hours before the deadline again. But this time, my passport is fookin valid and the only additional thing I had to do was take a few photos to submit with my application. And that's all it took. I'm in! And off to the land where the sun rises in less than a week. 

I'm so excited, I just can't. It doesn't matter that it's only for five days, or that I need to drag a traditional dress I've never worn in my life along with me, or that the program is only centered around Tokyo and Yokohama. It's still Japan and I get to go and yep my dad was so right and I'm so grateful \(T^T)/

Don't worry, Rif. I'm already saving up and I'll definitely go there again with you next year, too. I have to. How else do I get me some Osaka and Kyoto, eh? ;)



  1. you know since this month came, i couldn't stop thinking that you were going to JAPAN! while sleeping, eating, watching eito stuff even in EXAM, all i think about is that you are going to japan Dx
    LUCKY BITCH leaving w/o me... xC
    hehe...but so happy for you!! (if you are bringing back prezzies for me) xP
    i know its just for 5 days but still GONNA MISS YOU BIG TIME TT___TT

    PS: yeah you better go to japan w/me 2015 ga, you've already brokoro my kokoro, so keep that promise and save your money WOMAN!
    I EITO YOU <3

    1. Of course you think about me all the time. You find me irresistible. /bricked/ LOL

      I'mma miss you too ♥ And I'll try to buy you some shit if I get the time K :D <333 (Or just bring you a handful of Japanese soil :P :P :P lmao)

      Don't worry, O Oppai Onna. I've already started saving up, with my tuition money. Hitting Japan in 2015 with you and Sabi is a GO xD In Sha Allah