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Mar 23, 2013

BEST OF THE 8EST (bad puns yay)

Right, so I was supposed to blog about my teaching experience - all the whines, tears, idiot moments and whatnot - but all my fandom feels have nowhere to go and I need to prioritize and clearly Kanjani8 over career so ... yeah.

Guaranteed spoilers ahead, so scroll down at your own discretion. But what the heck, if you're on tumblah and following Eito blogs, odds are nothing here would be new for ya. Also, this post will may reach monstrous lengths.

So. Yup. 8EST.
One thing I'm grateful for my TP? It distracted me during the wait for 8EST's release. Which was a good thing because, despite the pressure and stress of will-I-pass-or-will-I-fail that have haunted me for the past month, it was a healthier pain than the K8 withdrawals I suffered last year while waiting for the ExE con. I love Kanjani8 but dammit I don't want to suffer that level of unhealthiness ever again >.<

When I say Kanjani8 over career, I wasn't kidding. I watched it during my TP, with one week of assessed-teaching left. I know, I know. My priorities are messed up. I probably should care. Heh.
I actually used two internet connections - depriving parents of their personal connection for a whole day haha - to download both discs simultaneously like a mofo baws so I could have the whole thing done by last Friday night. I knew I couldn't watch during the week and no way in hell was I gonna wait for my TP to be over XD

Whereas the first viewing of ExE last year was by Neji and I alone, this time for 8EST we were joined by Donbz, who has made the transition to a true and out-of-Egypt fanboy. Round of applause please, ladies and gents. >8D 
While we're on that subject, I still end up giggling when I think about the night before our 8EST date: Neji and Donbz had come over to watch an SMtown (but ended up watching 700 Days of Battle first; darn I should review that - all the lulz xD) and, because I'd already dl-ed a bit of 8EST, I suggested we ought to watch just the first 10 seconds opening at least. Neji and Donbz gave in, we watched, flailed and squealed, and when K8 finally made their entrance in all their retina-abusing hot pink gay grandeur, Donbz murmurs,
'Wait, why am even I getting feels?'
The sheer monumental impact of that moment, yo. How do I words? XD (And then the first 2 seconds of the first song blared and all of us just literally screamed and Neji immediately turned off the video because the whole thing had still not finished dl-ing and youjustdonotbeginaconcertwithOsakaRomanesqueOK)

I have half a mind to take screencaps of all my favourite moments, but then there is the dilemma of omg-fav-moments-how-do-I-choooooooose because decisions decisions and my brain'd probably self-implode from the sheer feat anyway. 
In other words, I'm also lazy.
But it is a con so worth watching for many many reasons.

May I just say that I love the DVD staff forever for choosing the live at Nagai Stadium? I've grown quite fond of the Domes - Kyocera especially - but the open-air stadium performances are refreshing and made me feel like I was able to breathe (this is hard to explain, so don't ask >.>). I loved seeing the sky change colour, from light to darkness during the con and OK, I adore the fact that it was raining xD I don't know why, it's just such a different and refreshing feel. And those fans - you gotta love them. Eito over colds, too, apparently XD

Otoko no Eitaa - ahahaha xD No, this deserves a mention, seriously. 
I loved Hina forever for starting that trend from their Puzzle concert onwards (I still remember the look on Rif's face during that particular moment while we were watching Puzzle together for the first time; we mirrored each other perfectly) and I both adore it and find it hilarious that the number of men attending K8 cons seem to be increasing every year. Either that or the cameramen are finding more and more male fans to film xD I imagine a good chunk of them were dragged by girlfriends/wives, but it's great to see real and enthusiastic male fans in the crowd actually singing along to the songs and - my favourite part - screaming their lungs out and waving penlights whenever Hina goes all, 'WHERE MAH BOYS AT' XD i love it that hina loves dem fanboiz

That said, I hate Kanjani forever for starting off the con with Osaka Romanesque. One does not simply commit such an emotionally heinous crime as that, OK. It's like, 'here, let us rip your hearts out from the very beginning and reduce y'all to a pile of grossly sobbing mush just because we can'. Sure, Eito, sure. Start off the Dome cons with Aoppana and the Stadium cons with Osaka Romanesque, sure. I can see your logic.

And then to soothe the emotional beating we just took, BAM! there they go, our Irresponsible Heroes on their Foolish Man's Road and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry because what is this stupid emotional roller coaster ride you're taking us on, you adorable jerks? But the Zukkoke Otoko Michi performance was all sorts of relevant because there was that super cute moment where Yasu grabbed Yoko round the waist while Yoko was running by and almost got knocked over and Yoko gave Yasu that shy-looking grin of his and it was just adorbs x3

(Hmm. I really do pay almost equal amounts of attention to all of K8 now - whereas it was mostly NSKD in the beginning - and I squeal over any and every one-on-one interaction cos Eito is that rare shippable-every-which-way group, but I do have shipping preferences and really rare OTPs even here. :/ Without thinking about it, I pay extra attention to any possible interaction of theirs, I've noticed lol. And the more unlikely that pair is, the more shamelessly I ship it haha. Any fodder I get is special and precious. There was almost zero YokoYasu in ExE - though it's my fav con - but 8EST kinda made up for it ^^ Just give me more BaruKura and YokoKura and I'll be even happier)

Let me declare right now that the one performance of 8EST I'll forever look up when I need to hype up is T.W.L. The song itself is gives you such a kick, but that performance. xD Get your towels ready, folks, is all I'm sayin'. Also, I love the fans. XD

Band performances - LIFE, in other words - are always ♥ and but I died over and over again this time because - omg omg omg you guise - I love K8 sobbing forever they performed Heavenly Psycho which is, what, one of my favourite songs in existence? And the screen images of Eito performing Heavenly Psycho during Excite if I remember correctly and aslkhfasjkldfhjskladfhjsh all my feels have no where to go~
Don't get me started on Tsubusa ni Koi. I dunno which hit me right in the kokoro more: seeing the fans crying or the tears in NSKD/Subaru's eyes at the end of the song ;A;

I have such a love/hate relationship with their costumes this time xD I loved what they wore during ExE, but this time it's all sorts of gay and weird and i-dont-even-wanna-know lmao  Like, the perfs of Brulee and Dye D kicked so much ass, but I|was forever distracted by their clothes omg xD Seriously. I do not want to know. Let me just pretend that Crouton does not exist.

Also, all my creys at the sh!t-ton of old songs they brought back. It's My Soul hardly counts in the face of Cool Magic City, 8 o' clock, Tabibito and Osaka Rainy Blues! I loved each one of these performances  to death though.
It's My Soul because - apart from being the 2nd PV Nao showed me and which left me traumatized for life, not to mention it being one of Rif/Neji/my all-time favourites to make fun of - there was a typically classic fail!Yoko moment where he introduced the song all confidently, "KYU JOU SHOW!!" and NSKD yelled at him for such a stupid mistake while Tacchon just laughed like the brat he is HAH XD
Cool Magic City - I remember K8 talking about performing this song in Excite and how they were amazed when the crowd just simply loved it and joined in, doing the dance moves and everything. Looking at the audience this time, it felt like deja vu, a complete re-enactment of old times, and my feels went right through the roof.
8 o' clock - What disappointed me was they didn't perform the whole thing, which is sad because I simply adore the raps. Such accurate member-intros xD But what I loved overshadowed everything else: K8 shoots up on stage from below, wearing shirts like that of the Excite/Spirits concerts - back when Yoko was also green and I got sudden chibi!K8!feels and I swear they suddenly looked 10 years younger (granted, most of them don't look much aged at all even now, but you get my drift).
Tabibito - I'll admit, I didn't pay much attention to this song until they performed their band rearrangement of it during 8sai and I was like, 'omg I didn't know what I was missing!', but since then I've adored it and seeing Eito singing it again - while wearing those old tee shirts no less! - and sliding down the rain-wet stage and ... ;A; 

I've always thought K8 brought out the inner dork/freak in Ryo and man, I love seeing how much he's opened up and doesn't hesitate to act silly. NSKD holds the record for most (generally fail) stage sliding in Nagai xD Another reason why I love it that it was raining tbh. I suppose it must have been a little dangerous due to the slipperiness but Eito made it look so fun. MARUYAMA IS THE COOLEST STAGE SLIDER EVER. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. NSKD and Hina get points for enthusiasm and stupidity haha. Yoko is the most fail xD Poor guy didn't see the appeal of stage-sliding until the end and still failed though there was that one moment when he dragged Yasu into his fail sliding during Tabibito ahaha.
Ohkura just rolled around in puddles. /snort/

Moving on, YES. Osaka Rainy Blues. And Naniwa Iroha Bushi. Do I even need to say anything about this? The only addition to this I'd want is Oh! Enka, but these perfs were all sorts of nostalgic and perfection and lemme cry.

The Osaka Obachan Rock medley is the best thing ever because
1. Hina in drag. Is always a plus. An eye-sore-ful plus. Always. Don't argue with me.
2. It brought Sankyoudai back and my feels are still ricocheting in my chest because SANKYOUDAI. In their old costumes. Singing Purin out of all songs. And made the audience sing along. 
3. TORN. Well, hello there suggestive sensuality in all your homoerotic undertones.
4. Bringing back YAMADA. And their silly manzai. And the old ShoKura feels D':
5. And then introducing Aoppana and what are brain cells anymore? Hina the Osaka Obaachan going all out and flashing the audience with every flip of "her" skirt and yeah. 8D

KANJANI ROCK SESSION UNF. Began with their jammin' and I'm so freaking happy they kept the old tradition of Subaru coming out at the end and screaming that gorgeous MISETEKURE of his and nothing else is relevant anymore xD Do You Agree was awesome as always but the moment when I went HELL YEAH was when they performed Eightopop!! as a rock song xD It worked wonders, who woulda thought lol. Reminded me a little of them performing Tte!!!! during the 8uppers con's rock session. It's kinda awesome to round off cool hardcore rock songs with an upbeat fun rock song 8D


Encore was brilliant ;A; I hate them for killing us with more feels - My Home; just whyyy Eito - but yay for Kyu Jou Show and Monjai Beat and being just generally stupid and stage-slidey and idiots throughout it all xD 
Also, a ton of OhYass during the con and much shirt-stripping and semi-nekkid posing after the concert ended and moar stage-sliding and kicking water at each other and have I mentioned I love these dorks? ;A;

I put off talking about the Eito Ranger skit and MC but ASLKFJKLDSJF WHAT IS THERE TO TALK ABOUT EVEN. Snow White, random wolves, Eitoshirou, random passer-by ossan, light sabres, dance battles, gags, karaoke, Black Ranger shooting Green Ranger again, Yoko forgetting his lines and Yasu having to whisper it to him while NSKD laughs really loudly at Yoko's fail, intentional stage-sliding, slipping and stage-sliding, fail stage-sliding, fake Nasu Ranger, special guest Babun-man, everyone taking turns to troll fake Nasu Ranger (the poor staff-san xD), Yellow Ranger being an epic fail at tsukkoming Red Ranger's stupid fart-boke - need I say more? But it's one of my fav skits now and Yoko is freakin genius for coming up with it and there were all sorts of silliness and melodrama involved. But then what is an Eito Ranger skit, without any of that. lol

MC was love. because they celebrated Subaru's birthday with a letter from his okan - Tacchon and NSKD cried during it ;A; - and then Yoko turned the whole thing about to troll Subaru and all sorts of hilarity ensued. (I love how Yoko and Tacchon referred to Subaru's mum as just "Taeko". It's ... cute, somehow. That informality.) Fun and heartwarming MC was fun and heartwarming and I loved Eito for doing both an ER skit and an MC as well. Didn't expect to get both ^^

I dunno what I loved more, the tour itself or the tour making. All that gold Teichiku gave us - aka all the stupid fails and idiocy that ensue when you shove K8 into one room - and Neji, Donbz and I just generally lol-ed and died our way through it xD 
Loving the DVD staff forever for the digests and collections. The Eito Ranger skit parts are absolutely hilarious - especially the Babun man parts (and the utterly random Kansai ben verbal fight between him and Red Ranger which cracked me up most) and the Orange Ranger gags - but so much special love and lulz for the Red/Yellow Ranger boke/tsukkomi collection. Yoko is an evil b!tch and a genius mastermind for making NSKD the one to tsukkomi Subaru xD Because you just know that no matter what, the result would be hilarious anyway partly on account of Ryo just generally failing at being typical Kansaijin lol

Also, YES for birthday celebrations xD Yasu + dog!Hina was so cute it's not even funny and I died over Yoko's b'day gifts to Ryo and Maru. Way to please the fangirls, Kimitaka. :3

Picking on Yoko is the funniest thing ever 8D Not that you can blame K8 for taking every chance, since Yoko is the one who mainly trolls each and every one of them, but so much lulz at his fails and getting super teased for it. But I really really really do love it that the bonus disc included the bit where he got roped into singing Subaru's "aaaah aaaah aaaaah" part in Naniwa Iroha Bushi. Heard about it on Twitter, but seeing/hearing is so much better T^T ... A+ for effort, Yokoyama :D (plus, you get a hilarious MC segment to build up to that moment. Yay for troll!Eito)

The TORN pv was also released with Blu-Ray and I just snorted and mentally facepalmed through it while Neji died next to me because of TORN porn overload. It's about time they released that PV, but I couldn't help but notice just how NSKD-biased it is. Which, in all honesty, is unfair because it is a duet and Tacchon deserved more screen time because he sang half the song gdi =_= But hey, it's got all the suggestiveness you could possibly ask for (and Neji and I showed it to Donbz who felt really quite uncomfortable watching it XD) so go geddit and enjoy.

I'm also in love with the Kyocera Dome digest included in the Bonus, because it had the performances of the songs they didn't do in the Stadiums. 365 nichi kazou and Wonderful World 8D Maru's solo Magic Word still gave me the same wtf feels it did when I first saw it in 47 lol. Died over Hina's Babun Man perf because BABUN MAN and random Snow White and I just couldn't XD AND. THEY PERFORMED ONE. ONE. ONE. And it was so nostalgic because they performed it as SubaruBAND and all my kokoros and kimochis~ /crying/

You know the one thing about the Bonus Disc that did disappoint me? Lack of a Kicyu digest and the absolute zero appearance of the YokoYasu kiss. OK, so maybe a compilation of all the Kicyu-adlibs those two did was too much to hope for, but the least the DVD staff could have done was include the YokoYasu kiss! After the YokoRyo and YokoMaru chus, why not the YokoYasu? Especially since it had everything to do with Kicyu. What is more appropriate than a kicyu at the end of Kicyu ;-; And let's face it, everyone has wanted to see one in that song for years now.

But when it finally happens, it's not even there >.< I'm so glad I followed the Twitter reports, else I wouldn't have even known. So, here I'm compiling the Kicyu adlibs and kisses that I know of, for my own reference and satisfaction (creds to enshinge and paaaan on twitter :D):

The Kicyu on the DVD was the one where the adlibs went:
Yoko: Kimi mo ♪
Yasu: YOU-KUN mo ♪
Yoko: /total embarrassment and actually laughed a little/ Kodomo dakara chu nano kana, Mou YASU ga wakaranai yo ♪
Yasu: Dakara awasete YOU to YASU. YouYasu, YouYasu, YouYasu, You to Yasu ♪
Yoko: /more embarrassment and laughing ensues/

The Kicyu on 11/11/12 (at Tokyo Dome, I think):

Yoko: Kimi mo ♪
Yasu: KIMI-KUN mo ♪
And then the embarrassment xD Later, at the end of the song, Yoko got his revenge tapped Yasu on the shoulder, pointed at something, and when Yasu turned his head, kissed him on the cheek x3

The Kicyu on 01/01/13 (at Kyocera Dome):

Yoko: Kimi mo ♪
Yasu: ONII-CHAN mo ♪
Yoko: Kodomo dakara chu nano kana, Mou YASU ga wakaranai yo ♪
Yasu: Dakara awasete KYOUDAI DE. Kyoudai, kyoudai, kyoudai ♪
At the end, standing back-to-back, Yoko announced, "First kiss of this year", turned around and kissed Yasu x3


(Just look at that cuteness! There is absolutely no excuse for Teichiku failing to include that in the DVD >.>)

That said, 8EST is all sorts of awesome and filled with kokoros and kimochis and is all kira kira and I'll stop being a weaboo now, but yeah, the sheer amount of feels Kanjani8 gives me is ridiculous and Neji, Donbz and I were half-dead by the end of it.

For now, all that's left is wait for the day when someone subs the MC digest - and it needs to be subbed because it got an entire disc to itself D: - but yeah, so far, I'm quite satiated. I'll just wait for my next bout of K8 feels when there double A-sided single comes out in April >8D

PS: I'll just leave this here.
(Can't see anything out of the ordinary? *coughyokocrotchcough*)


  1. You've pretty much summed up all my feels for the night in one post.. so. yeah ._.
    I believe I got stupider just watching the whole thing OTL
    -blatant creeper Neji-

    1. Bish please, you know the amount of brain cells lost during 8EST was NOTHING in comparison to the time we watched 700 Days of Battle xDDDDDDDDDDD