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Oct 25, 2012

WIP meme (this is really quite sad, tbh)

Continuing the thievery of this WIP meme from Nao who stole it from Zai and so on which I fully intend to comment on /guilty/, because it brought back all the feelingz and guilt and, you know, I do kinda hate myself for all these incomplete fics despite 55% of it being the fault of IRL situations and lack of TAIM.

Post the first five sentences from every WIP you're currently working on have vague intentions of continuing, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

I've always told myself I'd finish any chaptered fics I'm gonna attempt. So far ... I have yet to achieve that >.> 

1. Three Pieces of the Puzzle 

There were rare moments when Kiritani Shuji realised that, deep down, he still had some things that he regretted. Or just one, at the very least, but he did not recognise it for what it was for a long while. It nagged at him somewhere at the back of his mind, sometimes when he was in the classroom, idly watching the other students laughing and enjoying themselves; or at times when he was alone, left with nothing to do and simply whiling the seconds away.

But mostly, the then unknown, uneasy feeling of regret came over him when he was with Akira. 

Strange, really, because ever since he had moved out of Tokyo, Kusano Akira was the one person in the entire new school in whose company Shuji felt at home and comfortable.

2. The Greatest Gift 

The moment Aya decided to give up on Kawamoto-senpai, her crush of four years, was the moment she started thinking about Asou Haruto. Only, she never quite realised it then.

She barely heard her mother’s cry of shock and concern when she returned to her hospital room, soaking wet from the rain. She was shivering from the cold and her eyes still gleamed with residue tears, but she took no notice of those. Instead, her mind was focussed entirely on the doomed “date” she had just had with a boy that had not even shown up. Instead, someone else had taken his place.

3. Why Scarecrows Should Not Drink

‘Why did you drag me here again?’ Sasuke muttered under his breath as he looked around the noisy bar/restaurant with disdain in his obsidian eyes.

‘To welcome you back of course, Sasuke-kun,’ Sakura smiled at him warmly as she stepped into the small place after him. ‘It was Naruto’s idea,’ she added, jerking her head towards the hyperactive blonde who had more or less crashed through the door in her enthusiasm and slammed right into the stoic Uchiha.

‘Yep, that’s right,’ sounded Naruto’s muffled voice from where her face was smashed against Sasuke’s chest; the dark-haired teen pushed her away unceremoniously with an irritable ‘Get off me, usuratonkachi.’

‘Yeah, I figured that this is exactly just what we needed to welcome you back home to Konoha, teme!’ Naruto grinned brightly up at her rival-slash-still-somewhat-best-friend-sorta, not seeming to mind his manhandling of her in the slightest.

4.  My Type of In-Laws

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can scare the living daylights right out of your backside like an enthusiastic, gushing mama (who was hiding that afore-mentioned gushing enthusiasm for the time being) demanding to know why you still have not brought your significant other home to meet the family. Uzumaki Naruto sat stock still – quite an unusual, landmark moment in her life – at the kitchen table, watching with wide, blue eyes as her mother paced back and forth in front her; the red-head’s arms were folded behind her back and she had a completely-feigned look of austerity on her pretty face.

The scene was quite reminiscent of your average good-cop-cross-examining-the-bad-guy scenario. The table light – the only one Kushina had bothered to turn on – hovering somewhere above Naruto’s head certainly did add more flavour to the scene. All that lacked were a pair of handcuffs on the blonde and a police uniform on her mother with a baton to match.

5. The Ferret and the Weasel 

If there was one thing Draco Malfoy knew for sure about Blaise Zabini, it was that he was smart. Wise and intellectual, Blaise also had a treasure that many buffoons of late did not have: common sense. Thus, never had Draco even imagined that there would come a day when he would regard his Slytherin friend as stupid.

Until today, that is.

‘Zabini ... go to Madam Pomfrey. Now.’

Yeah, I'm gonna go and kill myself nao. For many many reasons. 


  1. 3) Where has Sasuke been?

    4) If Naruto does bring her significant other (who, btw? Sasuke?) home after this, what kind of reception can they expect from the Bloody Habanero? XD

    5) Blasie fic. Whoa. O.O

  2. It's the internetz. Thievery is how we roll. (* ̄ー ̄)y━─┛~~

    1. How much time do Shuji and Akira spend together now? What do they do? Do they still keep in touch with Nobuta? Through what means and how often?

    2. What sort of presence was Asou Haruto to Aya before this?

    3. How long was he gone?

    4. Do I even need to ask who the significant other is. XD What does he feel about this inevitable meeting?