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Nov 18, 2011

Ramblings + Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2

Le blog dump, both sad and happy tiemz.

One sharp pebble can cause the crack that shatters the glass...
Similarly, one harsh sentence can cause the scar that can break a relationship, if no one is willing to take the pains to heal it.
That's kind of how I feel now, with regards to ... well, a lot of stuff. It seems to me as if there are cracks in the glass all around me. Here and there, within and outside my family, so many relationships seem to be teetering on the edge of breaking. I can actually see the strain between the individuals involved, no matter how bright a smile they force onto their faces.
They try to act as if nothing happened between them, that no harsh words were exchanged, that all of us can still be friends and one happy family that will always be the same-old-same-old, but it's not the same. We're not the same. Some things are like nothing to what I remember during my childhood. (Or was I too blind as a child to negativity that already existed from way back then?)
Relationships have changed, and some, I fear, for the worse. One has broken. A few are barely surviving. And more and more seem to be taking a beating every day, with the majority being initiated by freakin' misunderstandings that are like little stones dropped into a pond where one ripple overlaps with the other until they keep getting bigger and bigger and all hell breaks loose. And when the misunderstanding is finally understood, no one is willing to stand up and say sorry. The scars and wounds inflicted on the heart remain.
I am grateful that I'm a third party observer in all this, but more often than not, I feel like I'm the only one that actually cares about all this. No one else seems to give a damn that some of us are actually growing apart; and I can't believe that some of the very people that I actually thought would share my feelings have brushed off my worries, as if they are just a child's irrational fears. I'm freaking twenty years old! I can see what's happening to us and when I express my concerns, it's because they are serious! Aren't family relationships important anymore? Why isn't anyone even bothering to take the blame and apologise even when they are so clearly in the wrong? Is a person's pride that important? Since when have we stopped caring about the other person and maintaining a loving, caring relation between us?
When I think about it, all this drama around me actually feels like a faint echo of what's happening to our country in general. We were a happy people once, where a person did not wish any suffering on the other, and where you can always find a helping hand and us Dhivehin were actually one. Now it's just every man for himself, a dog eat dog world where no one cares as long as it's the other person that's suffering and not them. I'll stop here now, because politics, as much as it pisses me off, is the one topic I'm determined not to give a damn about.

 Cousins are the first friends of your life...
And always will remain as such for the rest of it, so I have learned to treasure them. Most of my friend circle is made up of cousins anyway 'cause I have more of them than I'll ever need but I love all of you so yeah xD 
When it comes to friendshippy-bonding-with-cousins, I realised that I go through phases where, for a period of time, I'll be closer to a certain batch of cousins, then in the next period, I become closer to another batch, and then back again and repeat. This kinda happens when my interests in things change and so, in that time, I always connect most with the cousin(s) that share(s) my immediate interest. (Make sense?) This worries me a little sometimes, 'cause I wonder, what if the ones I'm growing a temporarily distanced from think that I don't care about them as much as I used to? There will always be a part of me, I guess, that will worry about the possibility of broken bonds and relationships.
So, lately, I've been trying really hard to maintain relationships all around, even though I notice that with some of them, I don't have as much to talk about as before. It saddens me, but that's just how it is, I suppose. At least we're all still on good terms and we can find topics to talk about, so for now, I satisfy myself with that.
Latest crazy escapade with cousins involve an insanely fun trip to Hulhumale', of which I have a ton of hilarious pictures that I can't really post here because we all share a phobia paranoia of revealing identities/photos on the Internet, but I'll just leave this here:
Le photographer: Moi. The above dorks took the liberty of transforming my pics into a gif xP
More than half of my childhood revolved around Harry Potter...
And I can still remember that one of my biggest fears was that Jo Rowling might die before she finished the books. The other fear was that I might die before she finished the books. xP I distinctly recall reassuring my ten year old self that I can always find out how the story ends in Heaven because of course Allah would tell me, right?. #ChildhoodFails.
I was both ecstatic and sad after finishing the seventh book. That same feeling has returned after finally seeing the last film. I'm happy, satisfied, sad, unsatisfied, blissful, melancholic and a whole lot of other things that would require me to rape a thesaurus, but mostly just content. It was a spectacular ending to an outstanding saga and David Yates didn't let me down.
SPOILERS AHEAD: Oh, I have issues with it, certainly, but for an HP book-turned-film, it was a lot better than I had dared to hope. True, it did bother me that Harry never actually knew that the other two Horcruxes were specifically Hufflepuff's cup and Nagini, and that he just conveniently "felt" them or "saw" them when he happened across them (I can't forgive Yates for cutting out those crucial memories in the sixth film. What was that nonsense about not wanting the focus of the film to be on Voldemort's childhood?! The entire book's core plot revolved around that!!!). It always gets on my nerves that the Polyjuice Potion never changes the original voice of the drinker - because, believe me, Hermione Granger's high voice coming out of Bellatrix Lestrange's mouth ... No. Just no. Aberforth Dumbledore did not get as much screen time as I'd have liked him to. The true story between the three Dumbledores and Grindelwald was never really explained; it was just a footnote. The Prince's Tale had important memories missing - like how and why Lily gave up on her friendship with Snape. I wish they had made Harry tell Neville to kill the snake, instead of Ron and Hermione, because in the book, Harry's determination to not say goodbye to his best friends (or anyone) and entrusting Neville to join Ron/Hermione to form the "new trio" was one of the key points that made Harry's walk to his death that much more emotional for me. Also, I wish more key points had been explained at "King's Cross", because so many things became clear at that point in the book. FINALLY, WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SHOWN LITTLE SCORPIUS MALFOY'S FACE, HMM?!
Long rant is long, yes, but I honestly loved the film. From the make-up to the special effects, the acting to the soundtrack - everything has been improving and this film certainly features the best yet. I adored the break-out from Gringotts on the dragon's back (but why'd they make it Hermione's idea? I know she's labelled as the "brilliant one", but it was supposed to be Harry's idea. Let him have some insanely brilliant moments, too, come on!). Also a shout-out to Helena Bonham Carter, because not only did she pwn as Bellatrix again, but she pulled off Emma Watson's Hermione-esque expressions wonderfully during the Polyjuice scenes. I forget the name of the dude portraying Aberforth, but I find myself preferring him to Michael Gambom (sort of like how I prefer Aberforth himself to Albus, I guess) and I think he did really well, given his limited screen time. I was actually impressed by the encounter between Harry and The Grey Lady, because they pulled it off better than I expected as she's a pretty sudden character.
The lead-up to the Battle of Hogwarts had a great atmosphere, laced with tension, excitement and apprehension and the promise of death and destruction, but with always the hope that the Light can succeed.. My heart was pounding when the professors began to fortify the castle and everyone got ready for the war. I almost spazzed when McGonagall brought those stone statues to life and went all hyper and giddy like a little child, "I've always wanted to use that spell xD". I literally laughed at that. :D
And the battle itself? Mind-blowing. I know that Deathly Hallows Part 1 was a set-up to the climax and this Part 2, the grand finale, so lots of action is to be expected, of course. And there were loads, with not a boring moment. What I loved most was how the action and entire battle were actually propelled by the characters; it wasn't just about random shit being blown up, but what they, as the storytellers of this saga, were actually doing to protect the world they live and believe in. It certainly established Neville as being the BAMF that he is and I was all HELL YEAH! And though I can understand that not all the personalities we adore can be brought on screen and individually shown, I did like the effort put in to the battle by the film-makers.
This is one of the few HP films where I actually liked the acting. Daniel has grown and I can actually accept him as Harry now. I have to give props to Emma 'cause I can see she is really trying (though her Hermione still doesn't entirely click it for me) and Rupert and Tom Felton were always, in my opinion, two of the best amateur actors in this series. Helena Bonham Carter owns the screen, even as a side character; no one can be McGonagall except Maggie Smith, and there are tons of others I wanna praise like Ralph Fiennes who brings Voldemort to life (in a different way than I imagined, but yeah OK), but right now the only actor I can actually spazz over is Alan Rickman. He is Snape. 'Nuff said. But I shall still spazz. In the previous films, he portrayed the side Snape expresses to Harry and the general public to near perfection, and in this film, when his past with Lily was revealed, it was like an arrow to my heart. His love for a woman who would never be his, the love that never changed over the years and which drove him to protect Harry though he is the living reminder of Lily's love for James, his heart breaking when he finally comes across the murdered Lily and how his face just falls and you can see his entire world crumbling around him ... I will admit to crying. Shedding actual tears. Snape will never be an ideal hero. He is only a tragic hero of sorts only because he fell in love; had he not, he would have been a Death Eater through and through. Nevertheless, he is one of the most complex and intriguing characters ever written with a solid and beautiful history behind him and Alan Rickman portrayed that to perfection. I most probably will still cry when I happen across The Prince's Tale again.
Finally, the epilogue. I was never too fond of the written epilogue (did we really need that?) but the film portrayed the scenes well. James Sirius has a face that is exactly how I imagined it to be - cocky and arrogantly playful - and Lily Luna was cute and Albus Severus was perfect and just too adorable for words! I liked the choice of child actors (BUT WHY NO SCORPIUS' FACE? WAEEEE?!) The make-up wasn't too bad, I guess, but I thought they could have made Harry, Ron and Hermione seem older. I was a bit happier with Ginny and Draco's make-up (and was intrigued with Astoria Greengrass and went all, 'Oooh~! So that's Felton's girlfriend! Not bad).
And then right when the Hogwarts Express begins to move out of King's Cross, THAT MUSIC begins to play. The classic Harry Potter soundtrack that used to play at the end of the first few films and then the camera zooms in on the trio's smiling faces and it was just so right and fitting and brought the whole story together that I totally "nostalgia'd" - as my friend would say - and thought I could forgive every little thing I disliked because this - this was just perfect and how this brilliant story should end and I was left with a smile on my face and just pure bliss in my heart. And that's what matters.
A part of my childhood has ended with this film, but like the Dumbledore here said, 'Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic'. I know that the halls of Hogwarts will always be there, waiting for me to walk through them the next time I open one of the books and I guess that's the real magic of Harry Potter. It is a powerful and moving story about a boy who turned out to be just ordinary in the end but still accomplished so much because he had who and what mattered beside him and with him, and that rings true for all of us too because the story draws us right into that world and a part of our hearts will always believe in it. I certainly do. It's been nine years since the deadline and I'm still waiting for my owl from Hogwarts :D A part of me always will, I think. Thank you, JKR, for this wonderful world you've built for us, and the film-makers who, even with all the unavoidable mistakes, brought that world to life. I enjoyed every moment of it.

I need more Arabic songs in my life...



  1. First of all, *hugs*. I want to be ridiculously cliche and go all, 'this is why growing-up sucks, right? Because we have to think about all this things now', but, I know that's not just it either. So, just, *hugs*.

    That's one thing I really dislike about our society. Most dhivehin don't really have the habbit of appologizing, ever. Instead, it's the good ol'e sweep under the rug policy. Plain stubborness.

    I wonder about that at times too. Whether everything seemed better back then because we didn't understand the things that weren't right then, or because memory dulls what we do remember - or whether it actually was.

    *mood shift*

    YES THEY ARE. Now, that's one thing I DO adore about Maldivian society. External families ftw. I adore my cousins too. ALL OF THEM SQUISHIES. <3

    I think it should be enough. In all relationships, really. While someone as possesive as I am constantly feels the urge to be important to people and manipulate their time as much as possible, I've learnt that that's impossible, and besides, even if you don't spend every waking moment with someone, it doesn't mean you care any less. And even if you do, it's not like you'll ever merge into the same person or be as close as you want to. Because people are different people. /cuts off rant before she gets too mauldin.

    Epic gif is epic. XD

    Ah, Harry Potter. You know, I always had the same morbid worries myself. Even recently ne, if I like a drama season particularly, I wonder whether I'd die before the last episode, and WHAT WOULD I DO THEN? Except ask for downloads in the after life, that is. (¬‿¬)

    I haven't watched the last erm, a whole lot of the movies yet, so I'll skip this part to read later, after I watch the movies, eventually. BUT. I HAVE AN INTRODUCTION TO MAKE IN A FLAILY, POSSIBLY EMBARRASING MANNER.

    You should talk to my Ryuu-chan. She's awesome if you haven't been able to tell that already from my blog-flails, and also adores HP, and you can fangirl with her. You are bound to get along. Because of reasons. (^_^)V


  2. No point putting it off any more, I suppose. Hi. ^^;

    Actually watched Deathly Hallows II last weekend too, so there is much agreement. Particularly with Y U NO SHOW SCORPIUS' FACE. D:

    Sorry, I was really looking forward to meeting you, but awkward introduction is awkward. (I AM BLAMING YOU, HAYATOES. >.>) My blog's locked, but I can sent you an invite through Nau.

  3. Nao, have I ever mentioned how much I love you? It's beautiful how you can actually understand exactly what I was trying to get across with all that long winded gibberish! *clings to you and sobs* YOU ARE TRULY THE BAKANISHI TO MY RYO, LET US BE MAUDLIN TOGETHER. (excuse me while I go LMAO xD)

    If you and I were to put all our cousins together, I think we'd have an army sufficient enough to take on the world xD *still dreams of world domination*

    *cough* Awkward introduction is awkward, yers - let us put all the blame on le flailboat that made the FLAILY, POSSIBLY EMBARRASSING introduction - but yeah, HIIII~ =D

    First time talking to you, but as the aforementioned flailboat has said, I've seen much of her flailings over her Ryuu-chan on her blogs so I guess I sorta do know about you. ^^ (I also seem to remember her letting slip something about a "Ryuu to [her] Hayato" ^^; lol)

    Anyhoos, lovely to meet you! There is much to be said on Harry Potter, yes, haha but for now, sure you can send me an invite through Nao :D

    (And no worries about the whole send-sent thing. I just noticed I made a ton of grammar mistakes in this post because I simply ranted through it, so really, I'm currently made of more fail, proper!English-wise >.>)

  4. Nice to meet you too! Flailboat in question has flailed a lot about you, so I guess I sort of know about you too. :P

    Invite sent~

  5. ...dear, i nearly "T_T" reading your post... like you said, part of our childhood ended with that last movie...well more so with the last book but we cling on to anything so that it will last just a little longer...

    and i agree with you so much on so many stuff you mentioned!! like the epilogue.. i felt weird reading that part and seeing it in the movie, i felt like some of them could have been older too!!

    and Snape... ah Snape... i have no words for now... i just feel like hugging you and wailing sad and happy tears with you...

    Once, we were all, It'd take them forever to get all the films done so HP will last longer fufufufu but I can't believe how fast time's flown by O.O Books, films ... they're all done ;-;

    OMG SABI THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE SAID ON THE SUBJECT. I wish you were here and all us HP freaks could just spazz and cry and reminisce over every little detail we liked or didn't liked and just spazz and ... NONE OF THIS CAN HAPPEN IF YOU DON'T COME BACK THIS DECEMBER D:
    (Yes, that was a very unsubtle hint to come the freakin' back because we all miss you and are suffering withdrawals of Sabi+Sai who we haven't seen for a year T_T