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Nov 4, 2011

Bring it

Exams are done. Results will be shown after the 20th ... and there are certain contributing factors that should concern me:

  • My Bio prof loves toughening up the exam so much that I'm actually unsure if I can win the challenge.
  • My English prof's "English" is such that, more often than not, we're the ones teaching her her own subject.
  • The Uni administrators are such ruthless merciful, callous thoughtful and tactless considerate @$$h0le$ angels that they screwed up the exam timetable most magnificently at the last minute and I couldn't revise Chem.
  • I'm so confident about Psych that I'm quite possibly the perfect target for that one monster called Situational Irony.

Call it whatever you will, but right now, this is my attitude towards the whole issue.

I'm just praying I won't end up being this when I finally do see the results...


  1. Man, that owl... I can very clearly picture you doing something like that. Hilarious.

    Wish you all the best with the results XD

  2. Thanks. Somewhere deep inside, I'm actually quaking.

  3. *snickers at gif* Appropriate, that.

    FAIT-O! <3

  4. Fight's done, bb. Now I'm just waiting to hear the body count on the battlefield >.>