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Oct 8, 2011

SuJu CAPTION Post - Round 2

Because the logical thing to do when I have a huge-ass Chem test in less than 24 hours is to sit down and make Super Junior macros. Of course. *nod*

I've already made some before. Now I'm here with a new batch because SJ just makes it too easy. Also, these mostly feature Yesung and Kyuhyun with some other members like Heechul, Eunhyuk etc thrown in. Just because.

(Right click and open in new tab for full view ^^)


And then this. Which does not even need a caption >8D
LOLWUT Umma spazzing, Yesungie doing DAT WALK and Kyuhyun's crotch on fire - it's a win in itself xD
I actually have tons more wacky pictures just begging to be captioned. But I shall try to restrain myself until my exams are over T_T
Man, I can't find funny Eito pics like these WHHYYYYYY


  1. No idea who these guys are but this is funny XD Fav is the UFO OMFG! one , lol!

    Despise word verifications btw.

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  3. xD Thanks, Afapi :P There are a lot of Super Junior inside jokes involved, so some might be hard to get since you don't know them :)
    (They are SHINee's sunbaes, btw. I heard joo liek teh SHINee ;))