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Oct 20, 2011

She didn't say it, but she said it

The Situation:

In our university this year, only five students from my batch are taking Biology. We were the only ones in Bio class in the first semester (and happily hogging the professor all to ourselves), but this second sem, we were joined by another larger batch, who needed to take Bio to get full credit points or something and stealing le professor's attention from us. We were outnumbered 4 to 1 and generally, a handful of them performed better than all of us on the tests and quizzes.
I've never thought of that as much of a problem before - being jealous of someone is just pathetic, pointless and stupid; and requires actually giving a damn, which I can't be bothered to - but then...

Today, wrapping up the last class before exams:

Professor: Judging by your overall performances on the five quizzes we had, I'm expecting four of you to achieve High Distinctions in Bio this semester. :D

Me: [thinking] Four of us getting HDs? Quizzes? But ... the only ones who've continuously got top marks on all the quizzes are those few people from the other batch - wait. ಠ_ಠ
Is she ... implying that ... there will be HDs only from the other batch?! D8<

*insert inner rage*

Me: What, does she think we, her real original students, can't perform well enough to get above 80% in Biology?!

Professor: But of course, you all can go ahead and prove me wrong. :3



  1. Lol, I bet you didn't like being told that. So work very hard and make her *gasp* or something.

    Remove the word verifications? *___*

  2. I can't believe I actually gave a damn and got myself into this, but there we have it. And then I wisely told my dad about my new goal and he was all, "AJKLSFHJKAHF DO IT and get a freakin' MERIT xD xD".
    So now I have to work hard to achieve not an HD, but a bloody Merit, which means above 90%. *headdesk*

    But the GASP such a feat would draw out from the lecturer would be worth it, I guess >D

    (Sorry about the word verification thingy. I hadn't realised I had it on. Fixed now ^^)

  3. Ohh the drama~~!

    Ganbare! You can do anything if you work hard!

  4. Indeed :P

    Thanks very much! Working hard, I am xD