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Sep 18, 2011

Bee Day Blues(?)

Kanjani8 should totally totally totally do justice to their 8Uppers song, Nakanaide Boku no Music, by making an eitolicious PV of it ... at the beach


And I don't mean on a set, like in NEWS' Summer Time (why only two seconds of beach tiem, Johnny-san, why why? D=), but really on the beach, where they'll spazz in the water and chuck sand at each other and throw NSKD in the sea because they always find a way to make him the butt end of the stick, and Subaru and Yoko will be laughing their asses off because they're sadistic assholes like that (or Subaru might be laughing cos he got to touch Ryo's butt, the pervert), and Maru will weird them out by making a beach-derivative of his infamous PAAAN! and wearing a bikini as a parody of their countdown tradition and Yasu will be all adorable and high on sugar in one second and manry and pwning them at surfing or water-skiing the next, and Hina will, of course, be tsukkoming the crap out of them because that's how he shows his affection to these dorks that he mother-hens. There will be merriment and dancing and dramatic semi nekkid running on the beach with the waves splashing around their ankles, and being silhouetted against a brilliant sunset and all that good stuff.

AND FOOD. Kanjani8 + Food = OTP FOR LIFE and Johnny-san, why haven't you done this already? D: 

That is seriously the scenario that pops into my head every time I hear that song - it's so full of joy and happiness and Eito-patented aslkjfjlakshf - especially the guitar strums at the very beginning. *v*
And yes, it is my birthday today and the most prominent thing on my mind is half nekkid Eito singing and dancing to Nakanaide Boku no Music at the beach  >.> /fail


So ... about the issue of growing up. My attitude is no less sour towards it. And Nao has yet to explain to me the brilliance of hatachi! I'm still holding you to that, btw.

Anyway, I took a moment to think and really let it sink that I'm actually twenty now and then it hit me. Over the past few years, I haven't grown up at all. At least, not mentally, nor emotionally. 

I mean, I barely spend more than three seconds to ponder on what I'll do with my life after I finish my degree; then I just get over it and don't spare it another thought. I'd rather hang with my friends and cousins, tramping down the roads, laughing our asses off, than ... yanno, go out and find a potential life partner. Heck, the fact that all my former classmates and friends are getting married around me and popping out kids creep me out like no one's business. I still have way too much a good time writing and reading freaking fanfiction than  serious stuff I actually need to read, like boring newspapers. I don't know shit about the political situation and members of this country and I'm happy with my ignorance. I almost co-wrote porn with my cousin via text messages. I am in no way desperate for a boyfriend, though two decades have gone by. I flail over bands like Kanjani8 and Super Junior with the spazziness of a ten year old. I still manipulate my parents to do as I wish if I really want something, and that too with all the dexterity of an experienced spoilt brat. I am in no way motivated to overcome my procrastination tendencies. I am thunderstruck that some of my cousins younger than me have already awakened their motherly instincts and are dying to get kids.

And I completely agree with Peter Pan. /foreverjealousofafictionalcharacter

Bottom line: I have, in no way, matured over the past few years. I am still spazzing through life and I am in no hurry to assume my responsibilities. And today, I'm twenty. For a moment, I was actually uncertain. Should I be concerned that I'm, you know, not growing up and sort of going backwards instead?

And then I realised.



  2. #) Doo want.

    #) Hatachi isn't treating me that well either. At the moment, all I can think of is the fact you can listen to LANDS's Hatachi no Sensou, rightfully. (Do it, it's worth it, and so much love. T_T)

    #) Gif is so much win, yes. (Btw, fanfic > newspapers any day of the week for me too)

    <3 <3 <3

  3. K, I'll hunt down that song when I have the time XD

    And yeh, world affairs pales to insignificance in the face of fanfiction xP