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Aug 9, 2011

Protecting ovaries is SRS BIZNIZ yo

So, I crashed over at my sister's after Uni today and ended up taking a much needed nap. I woke up some time later to discover that I still had my brand new phone in my pants' front pocket and it was getting quite nicely crushed.

Any other person would pull out their new phone to save it from an early flattening, no? But the only thing on my mind as I yanked it out was,
"Oh no~ Phone! Front pocket! Radiation! MY OVARIES!! THEY'RE GETTING FRIED!!"

I either just experienced the joys of a sleep deprived mind, or I actually have my priorities set straight. >.>


  1. I for one almost never keep my phone in my pocket so this is quite unrelative to me but then its such a eye opener for me....

  2. I'm now beginning to think that my brain works more on survival instinct when I lack sleep. 'Cause, let's face it, ovaries are more important than your mobile >_>

  3. OMGZ. You Can Haz Ackshual Prioritiez! O_O!

    (I don't know quite why I find it so amusing, though. XD)

  4. Btw... I've sent the invite to my blog. Yoroshiku! *bows*