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Aug 29, 2011

Mini fandom epiphany

Because writing is my one way of venting and I need to get out this one insignificant epiphany, even though it is among the most inconsequential things in the Universe:

I've realised that Eito is really truly painfully amazing - yeah, I know I've already said that before - not simply because they are made of whack and insanity and unshakeable member ai and awesomefailsauce hilarity, but because they are the one group I've come across where I'm undeniably biased to every single one of them.

Yeah, I know I used to lean slightly more towards the whiny brat of an evil genius Yoko, perverted Subaru who created a whole new subset of ero-ero weirdness, and charismatic NSKD who's always been speshul, but that's more or less over now, methinks. There are no more favourites to play. Be it Maru's weird fail sense of humour, Yasu's existence that breaks nearly every gender stereotype that exists, Tacchon's hidden food-craving monster and so very very not manly side or even Hina, who I used to think was background commentary but newly discovered as a smart-mouthed, verbally and physicall tsukkomi-ing B.A.M.F - there are simply no more biases now. It's all over. T_T

Unimpressive fandom epiphany is unimpressive but there! It needed to be said.
Bottom line: Kanjani8 is amazing, not simply as a musician group, but as humans too.

That is all. ♥