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Jun 9, 2011

Random JE Shizz

Hmm, maybe not exactly, since "JE" is of a much wider range, but this post is limited to only KAT-TUN, NEWS and Kanjani8 from Johnny-san's various disciples. Arvy totally has a point, OK.

Am stealing this from Nao (format and all >D), the thievery of which can be traced all the way back to Tumblr, apparently. I really need to find something better to do at 12.30 a.m. on a Thursday night. Like sleeping >_>

• 2 Favorite Members: Nakamaru Yuichi ♥, Taguchi Junnosuke. I like dorky, weird-ass guys, OK -_-
• 3 OTPs: KameMaru, JunKo, AkaMaru. I obviously prefer weird-ass ships, too.
• Funniest member: Junno. Hey, his jokes may fall flat, but they entertain xD
• Prettiest member: Torn between Pretty Princess Ueda and Jun-chan, the anomaly whose pretty never fails.
• Most bad-ass member: Koki, backwards cap, bling and piano skills and all that sh!t >D
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Maru ^o^ He'd be my confidante/pet/future-husbando-on-a-leash ahahaha.
• Member that’s ruined my life: None, yet. Yes, I pride myself on that xD

• 2 Favorite Members: Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa (yes, the dead-fish).
• 3 OTPs: TegoMassu, NishiKato, TegoPi. What, these ships are intriguing, OK!
• Funniest member: *long, uncertain silence* Eh ... Koyama? Maybe?
• Prettiest member: Pretty Pi is pretty. It's irrevocable.
• Most bad-ass member: Poison-tongued NSKD, Ryo-chan and all. And Tego as the evil sidekick.
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Tego. Evil people go together >8D
• Member that’s ruined my life: None here, too. *triumph*

 関ジャニ∞! <-- OHWOWLOOKIT'SKANJI can you tell I copy-pasted this from Nao? >.> 
• 2 Favorite Members: Nishikido Ryo, Yokoyama You ♥. The snarly, sarcastic evil-genius ball of lurve ohohoho
• 3 OTPs: YokoYass, RyoKura, YaSuba - oh heck, just mix 'em up and gimme; I got no complaints xD
Funniest Weirdest member: Ryuhei~ xD Oh Maru-chan, why your first name so pretteh?
• Prettiest member: Tacchon. All arguments stating otherwise are invalid.
• Most bad-ass member: Between Dokkun's dokkun and Hina's tsukkomi, which doesn't spare even mannequins, who am I supposed to choose?? 0.o
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Kimi-kun xD. We shall be the evil twins, plotting evil deeds together mwahaha.
• Member that’s ruined my life: THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM AJSKDJFKL

And since I'm ignoring that it's 1.00 a.m. now, I'm gonna do a SuJu version just for the hell of it.

Super Junior!
• 2 Favorite Members: Eunhyuk, Yesung. I did mention I adore dorky, weird-ass dudes. And Heechul's speshul, so he's automatically included OK.
• 3 OTPs: Kangin/Sungmin, Heechul/Eunhyuk - (Intimate Note is unhealthy, obviously) - Kyuhyun/raeping/Everyone.
• Funniest/Weirdest member: Heechul and Yesung, respectively. Though Chullie applies to both.
• Prettiest member: Heechul! No buts. Sungmin comes very close, though.
• Most bad-ass member: Kangin ^o^ The biggest bully on the playground with a heart of mush and gold.
• Member I’d like as my BFF: Leeteuk. We'd be dorks together and I'll make fun of his laugh everyday xD
• Member that’s ruined my life: It'd be a slash between Heechul-Kangin-Sungmin-Eunhyuk. Go away, Kyuhyun, not you, too! D:

And now, I REALLY should get some sleep >.>


  1. BLASPHEMY! There's nothing better to do, at ANY TIME, than WASTING TAIM~ *totally procrastinating from stuff I actually SHOULD be doing, even right now. >_>*

    I like your mix 'n' match principles. Totally goes with my fickle-sailor policies. XDDDDD

  2. "Fickle-sailor policies" <-- It be my new favourite catch phrase xDDDD

    PROCRASTINATORS UNITE! *ignores mountain of ironing waiting to be done*