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May 16, 2011

Sun. Moon. Stars.

(Note: As is obvious from the title - lotsa nature freakism ahead)

I fell asleep ridiculously early last night. Or maybe not that ridiculous, considering I was supposedly studying Psychology (Psych, yous an interesting subject and all, but the damage the oh-so-competent lecturer did to you can never be undone, I'm sorry).

Where was I? Oh right, falling asleep. Right, I fell asleep around 9-ish and consequently was up by 4 this morning. So, I just wandered around, sleepless, until around 5-ish, I just happened to throw my gaze out the window. And wow, what a sight met my eyes!

To the west, there was a GORGEOUS full moon about to set. And when I say gorgeous, I mean WOW. It was huge - I still don't really get it why the sun/moon look so tiny at the zenith, but like over-inflated beach balls while rising/setting - and golden and you can almost see every crater on its surface. Maybe it's because I was seeing the moon setting for the first time, but I thought it looked far more beautiful compared to the common blood-red moonrise.

So there I was, oohing and aahing and dragging my mother outta bed to share the scene with her cos nature freakism is more important than beauty sleep, of course it is when I looked to the east and realised that not only was the moon setting, but the sun was rising, too. It was still about an hour before actual sunrise, but there was the soft, ethereal glow coming from beyond the horizon.

And right overhead, there was a patch of sky - not quite pitch black, but still dark - that was absolutely splattered with stars aplenty.

Imagine that. A slow approaching sunrise to the left, diamonds up above and a setting full moon to the right. In those moments, the sky was lit by three different sources. You don't see that every day.

It makes me wonder just what other kinds of wondrous sights we miss while we're far too busy snoring in our beds...
Nocturnal creatures are lucky, methinks.


  1. Ah, nature~ <3

    /pointless comment is pointless, I'm sure. >_>

  2. Well, pointless blog post is pointless, so we're evenly matched xD