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May 24, 2011

Poetry: "Endless Void"

Angst, ahoy! One day, I'll be sure to write a poem that is all flowers and rainbows to make up for all my depressing shiz


Stand on the brink
Of an endless void
Fall over the rim
And into oblivion

Trapped all alone
In a black abyss
Reaper, sound the horn
And bear my soul away

A light shines behind
But am unable to turn
For darkness rules my mind
And in my Hell, I burn

I long to run free
But I am in chains
The song is already sung
And sealed is my fate

I wrote this poem two years ago during a very boring class. And it apparently has super powers because it, unbeknownst to myself, succeeded in turning my friend gay for me. Whoopee.


  1. A poem that can turn your friend gay for you. Sounds like win to me. XD

  2. Ahh the power of poetry ~ xD ♥