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May 3, 2011

Ever HEARD a shooting star?

Seriously, have you? 'Cause I've never come across anyone claiming to have heard the sound of a shooting star. But tonight, I think I really did ...

It was on my way home, back from my aerobics class. The setting and mood weren't magical at all. I was on the back of my dad's motorbike in a busy, well-lit street full of vehicles all racing to make the green light. Not exactly the ideal place one would fancy being in to witness a magical site the likes of which never seen before (at least, I haven't).

Then, out of nowhere, this huge, white light appeared in my peripheral vision and I looked up. 

The biggest shooting star I have ever seen in my life! 

Imagine the average, fleeting shooting star you'd normally see at night. Now make that three or four times bigger, brighter and longer. That would be about the size of the meteor I saw tonight. It was so huge and seemed so  unbelievably close (like you could have touched it if you had been standing on the terrace of a tall building) that, for an instant, I thought it was a flare or maybe even a firework.  But a firework would have exploded at some point. This one didn't. It sailed from one end of the night sky to the other - lasting seconds longer than the average meteor - and vanished. That was when I was sure it truly was a shooting star.

Throughout those amazing, beautiful, few seconds, I heard a faint sound, like something crackling and sizzling in the distance. The noise disappeared the moment the shooting star did. It took a moment for it to sink in that I had actually heard it's sound. But it seemed just so incredible that at first, I thought it was my imagination, the sound and the star. Had I really seen one that was so close to the ground and enormous that I'd actually heard it?

My doubts were cleared when, suddenly, my dad exclaimed, 'Did you see that just now?!'

I wasn't the only one! My dad had seen it, too! And his mind, just like mine, was totally blown by the sheer size and proximity of  the star. He couldn't stop talking about it all the way home.

I was glad that I had Dad as an eye-witness to that wondrous sight. But I was still in doubt about the sound. Had I actually heard white-hot rock and ice cutting though air? Was that even possible?

But then, sounding awestruck, disbelieving and hesitant all at once, my dad muttered, '... I could hear it. Like a sizzling.'

It was just ... I don't even know. It was one of those moments where ... I can't even describe it! 
It was like Dad and I had just witnessed some kind of miracle together; because later even Dad admitted he had never seen a shooting star that huge in his life - and he's lived some sixty years so far - and that he had never heard of anyone hearing it. It was amazing.

I might be making a mountain out of a mole-hill because I am a bit of a nature freak. And I don't even know if anyone else on the road had seen it. But for those few seconds, to me it was like magic. And I, for one, know that I won't be forgetting that sight for a long, long time to come.


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