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Feb 12, 2011

Himmafushi 2011: The Best Vacations ...

... are the ones during which you have tons of fun, even if you're not really doing anything at all. And the one I just had this weekend certainly qualifies as the first best family vacation of 2011 so far. =D

Himmafushi might not exactly be the most Paradise-on-Earth hotspot in all of Maldives, but it certainly is a comfortable enough island for lots of family fun. 
It's got the greens, 

And it's got the sunsets.

And if you squint real hard, you'll see it's got the oceanz too =P
Overall, it was one of those trips that were put together at the last minute *points at sis*, so that when we finally got there, the only activities that were actually planned were "we-shall-take-out-a-dhoni(boat)-to-the-nearby-falhu(shallow lagoon)-and-jump-in-the-sea" and "we-shall-have-crazy-insane-fun". Hmm, not much of an adventure, but still it was a vacation well spent because we did have tons of fun, even if there weren't much to be done. 

It's at time like those when I feel grateful for having such an awesome family, one that I truly enjoy spending time with. We're the noisy, rambunctious group you'll see tramping down the middle of the road, blowing up the smallest, most insignificant detail to be the funniest, most ridiculous thing ever and roaring with laughter at it. We're crazy, we're weird and we have equally perverted senses of humour and barely-controlled tendencies to crack indirect dirty jokes about anything and everything.

(Edit: I decided to remove the picture of that painting I posted on here before. It was only to share a joke and all in good fun, but after seeing some certain, er, stats - I decided it would be best if I just took it down)

This shared twisted sense of humour is also the 100% living proof that Mum is faithfful and we're all really Dad's kids. He says so himself. =P *facepalm*

Moments like those are, in my opinion, the real point of a vacation, and no, I don't mean just making dirty jokes. It's all about having those moments when you can share a laugh together and simply enjoy the time spent in each other's company. Those, I believe, are what really makes a memory. 

And we made quite a few good memories this time, most of which ensued from much silliness. :D
Such as the time we were having tea in an open-air cafe' and a fly got into a bit of trouble with the pudding:

The surface was so sticky the fly got literally stuck to it! 0.o It could crawl, but it couldn't take off. I saw it flapping its wings, but all six legs remained permanently glued to the pudding. Needless to say, I grabbed this rare opportunity and put my camera to much abuse even almost getting pudding on the lenses in my failed attempt to take a decent macro shot.

Speaking of insects, check out what we came across while we were having a look around the island:

Don't even ask me where the seventh leg is.
That spider was on the outer wall of this beautiful mosque, and we were so busy ooh-ing and aah-ing over the place that we didn't even notice the little critter at first. When we did, quite a few jumps, shocks and screams ensued, because that thing is HUGE! It's like 50 times bigger than the average tiny spider you can usually find in Maldives ... AIN'T IT A BEAUTY? xD xD xD

Creepy crawlies aside, we also did see some weird plant thingies that we never saw anywhere else before (another disadvantage of living in the treeless urban capital). Like this one:

I dunno what kinda plants/trees sprout bunches of flowers like that at the very top, but it certainly earned that tree the name dhalhufeeni fulla (reindeer) from my dad. =P

It's also nice to have a run-in with a ghost every once in a while:

Just kidding. :) It's just a candid shot I took of my sister because I love playing with silhouettes.
And so does my nephew.

And my niece, too.

Who is not quite as good at posing, yet ^^;
Who also enjoys having her hand chewed on by sharks.

But when it comes to posing, my dad pwns all. xD

He just ran up there and transformed into some whacky Captain Jack Sparrow, the midget version. 
Dad acting cool and epic = never gets old. xD

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, it was a fun trip. There was sight-seeing, eating, playing in the sand, eating, frisbee throwing, eating, kicking balls BWAHAHAHA BAD JOKE, eating, lazing around, eating, swimming with the fishes, a turtle and two manta rays, eating, cracking dirty jokes about a cockerel chasing a hen, eating, cracking dirty jokes about each other, eating, JUST HAVING INSANE FUN and did I mention eating? =D

But the highlight of this vacation is the running gag that was started by my dad (what a surprise). The gag was a play on words on the phrase gay kudhin, which in Dhivehi means people that are family (singular, gay kujjeh), and in English means ... well, gay people. And not the gay that translates into "merry and happy" either ;P.
The victim of this gag? My brother-in-law. Which is ironic because, usually, he's the one that makes up gags about other people *coughmecough* AH, JUSTICE! xD

It began when Dad introduced us to his friend as his wife and daughters respectively, but deliberately introduced his son-in-law as a gay kujjeh. And of course, we, because we are us, naturally latched onto the double meaning behind the words. xD
It did not help matters that the way my bro-in-law naturally walks results in epic hip-swinging, his exaggerated slow-motion running looks infinitely girly and that we discovered he had brought along the male equivalent of a G-String as a joke!

Ah, good times! Good times! 

And don't even get me started on The Incident Between the Bro-In-Law and the Sea Cucumbers, which resulted in the former being nicknamed Kiru Mai [insert his name], which translates into "Wet Nurse". -_-

All in all, a darn good weekend trip. =D


  1. Eh, I didn't comment here? Could have sworn I did. Anyway, pretty pictures are pretty, fun times sound fun (my laziness, let me show you it. >_>).

    Also, woman, are you going to update, or am I going to have to be creepy and stalk you on DA again? XD

  2. Aye aye, I bear witness to thy laziness. >.> But it woulds't be a lie of majestic magnitude to sayeth I doth not share the same boat as thine. (Butchering Shakespearean language FTW)

    Oh and I updated both this blog and my dA xD With a real-life story of EPIC FAILZ

  3. this is the very true comments in this blog. and i want inform that the restaurant propagator is decided to remove that paint in the wall (women organ) after seen your photo.

    1. I didn't really mean any harm by putting up that photo, but I've also decided to remove it from this post.