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Jan 12, 2011

Epic SuJu Failsauce is Epic

So, it started when I made the mistake of introducing my way-too-easy-to-convert-into-a-fangirl cousin Konti to the popular Korean musician band, Super Junior.

Yeah, you can just feel that boy band vibe, eh? xD

My first dip into their music was their weird but catchy song, Sorry Sorry, the dance moves of which pretty much floored me. I loved it and threw it in Konti's face, who got a little too much into it and went on a SuJu rampage, hunting down their songs, albums, photos, member-research and ... well, you get the idea.

I stopped with Sorry Sorry, but it wasn't long before Konti decided to return the favour and introduce me to more of their songs. Well, who was I to say no?
She started with her then - and current - favourite, Bonamana, which I had to admit was pretty cool, catchy and darn impossible to ignore because it's one of those songs that just drill right through your ears into your brain until, inevitably, you find yourself humming along.

Then one day, quite recently, she asked me, 'Which one of them do you find the hawtest?'

Hmm, difficult question to answer. I'm not so into them to the point where I know all their faces and/or names like Konti who can reel off their names faster than Go Mi Nam did in You're Beautiful, I'm sure. But there was this one guy who had caught my eye in the music video of Bonamana.

As a rule, long, shaggy hair on guys is pretty much a fetish of mine. I noticed his hair from the very first shot. And for another thing,

You can't blame me for finding this drool-worthy! *folds arms stubbornly*

The angle of the light! It really made his lower face look angular and striking. Appealing, in a word. And I loved it that his hair hid his eyes. Gave him that mysterious, enigmatic aura.

So, that was the answer I gave Konti, highlighting all the points as to why I found that one guy attractive. I should have known something was off when all she said in reply was, 'Oh reeaally?' complemented with a blank face with just the tiniest hint of amusement.

'Here, I want to show you something,' she says innocently, while typing "Heechul" into Google Images.

My reaction?
'Who the heck is that woman? ... No, wait ... EEEEEEEEHHHHH?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!'

Because ... well ... the pictures speak for themselves:

And how about this one:

I was so happy when even Konti's sister asked who this "woman" was. Else I'd have feared for my eyes -_-

And also ... yeah, OK, I'll stop there. Because, seriously, there's no end to it. lol

Well ... all that certainly shattered my first impression of handsome Kim Heechul into a million pieces with the littlest of efforts.
I find this guy eccentric and amusing now, even pretty good-looking when he's not cross-dressing, but that first embarrassing time Konti threw all that in my face, I swear I felt myself just die a little inside. It was a moment of Total Arvy-Fail.

Humiliating at the time. Fun to laugh at now. *dies*

But you know, sometimes, even when he's not cross-dressing ...

Wow. Guy's prettier than tons of supah kawaii womanz out there -_- :P xD

But hey, at least he can rock the Reno look! xD

My second reason to watch the MV of Don't Don. First reason? Henry's awesome violin! xD


  1. The only problem I have with Super Junior is there are too many of them. Ah well, I have another cousin (older) who fangirls them, and she promised to give me stuff soon. We'll see how it goes. >_> My younger cousin who fangirls shinee showed me one clip of Heechul acting like a wife/mama, and I must admit I was a bit... interested. XD

    Sorry Sorry - I think I've seen every version BUT the original. ^^;


    AHAHAHA HEECHUL STRIKES AGAIN. *snorts* It's amusing how I watch non of their stuff but know Heechul because of his reputation, even around my (jpop) fandom. XD



  2. Sorry Sorry's best version is the dance version. Period. You can't fully appreciate those moves otherwise xD

    Indeed, strike he did. *nods* Every time Konti fangirls SuJu now, I find myself automatically referring to Heechul as "anhenaa". And then I curse myself for insulting someone I don't even know. Then I call him anhenaa again *headdesk*

    Ahhh, for my fail to be considered near-equivalent to Shige!fail ... *goofy grin* Ahh, my pain has subsided. I am quite at ease now. *bows*

    :P :P :P xD *hugs*

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